• Mission of PDPB

    The PDPB aims to enhance the studies and evaluations of, and to propose recommendations for, the general policies and measures for personal data protection. It has the exclusive legal obligations for monitoring the compliance with Law No. 8/2005, in addition to issuing binding opinions in accordance with Law No. 2/2012 (Legal Regime of Video Surveillance in Public Space). While maintaining its concurrent efforts for the last-said, the PDPB seeks to foster education about personal data protection and privacy as a fundamental right, and to collaborate with other public or private entities, in the MSAR or abroad, with the functions of data protection.

    For international exchanges and cooperation, the PDPB is the member of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities, and the Global Privacy Enforcement Network, as well as the observer of the Global Privacy Assembly. Through participation in and facilitation of international cooperation, we try to ensure local data protection to maintain global standard and continuous development. We value aligned global partnership with the personal data protection authorities of other countries and regions, seeking to enhance dialogues with the existing international cooperation networks and to responsibly resolve cross-border unlawful data handling.

  • History

    In 2007, the MSAR Government, in accordance with Law No. 8/2005 (Personal Data Protection Act), established the Office for Personal Data Protection (OPDP) under Administrative Dispatch No. 83/2007. The OPDP operated under the supervision of the MSAR Chief Executive. In 2023, for the streamlining of public service and restructuring of the transitory project units of the MSAR Government, the OPDP was restructured as the Personal Data Protection Bureau, according to Administrative Regulation No. 42/2023, Organization and Operation of Personal Data Protection Bureau. From February 1st 2024, the PDPB will function as a permanent public department rather than a transitory project unit.

  • Organization structure

    The PDPB comprises subunits, namely the Department of Supervision, Administration and Finance and the Inspection Division. The former consists of the Supervision Division.

    Vision, Mission and Faith

    Vision: To elevate the standard of personal data protection and to fulfill social prosperity.

    Mission: To monitor and coordinate the compliance with and implementation of the PDPA. To bolster the public awareness of personal data protection.

    Faith: Fairness and justice. High quality and standing the test of time are the PDPB’s bedrocks.

Address:Avenida da Praia Grande, N.º 804, Edif. China Plaza, 17.º andar, Macau

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