• The PDPB accepts and handles applications free of charge for enquiry, in accordance with the ​​PDPA, related to personal data processing.
  • Prior to filing an enquiry, please first read the related Personal Data Collection Statement.
  • Enquiries can be made by:

    a. Personal visit (Address: Av. da Praia Grande, No. 804, Edif. China Plaza, 17.º Andar, Macau);

    b. Mail to P.O Box 880, Macau, or to the Personal Data Protection Bureau, at Av. da Praia Grande, No. 804, Edif. China Plaza, 17.º Andar, Macau;

    c. Fax to the PDPB (Fax: 28716116);

    d. Email to: info@dspdp.gov.mo. Please note, your enquiry sent by email could be exposed on open network and run the risk of unauthorized access or abuse by third parties;

    e. File your enquiry via this website;

    f. Calling our Office (Tel.: 28715666).

  • For fairness and to safeguard all concerned parties' interests, you may speak directly to our reception staff, but arrangement depends on the actual details of the enquiry. During the initial meeting, our staff may provide preliminary remarks for your case. You may appoint another meeting, if necessary, in order to further proceed your enquiry.
  • If your enquiry involves concrete data processing, the PDPB may request a written enquiry or personal visit for filing an enquiry or its follow-ups. You have to provide information to justify your identity as a data subject or data controller, or information to prove your involvement with the data processing. These are not mandatory but your refusal may affect your enquiry.
  • If the request involves application for opinion, the PDPB may ask you to file an official application.

Personal Data Collection Statement-Consultation

  • The personal data provided to the PDPB will be used for purposes related to the handling of enquiries.
  • According to Article 11 of Law 8/2005 anyone who made an enquiry has the rights to access, rectify, and update his personal data as stored by the PDPB.
  • Under Article 14 of the same Law, anyone suffered damages arouse from unlawful data processing or violations of personal data protection laws or regulations, he can initiate civil proceedings of reparation against the entity that is responsible for. Handling of the enquiry by the PDPB will not affect the prescribed period for the respective court proceedings.

Address:Avenida da Praia Grande, N.º 804, Edif. China Plaza, 17.º andar, Macau

Tel: (853)28716006

Fax: (853)28716116