• The Personal Data Protection Bureau (hereafter as the PDPB) accepts and handles notifications of personal data processing, free of charge, that are governed by the Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter as the PDPA).
  • A notification should be made by the data controller.
  • First, please make sure that data processing requires a notification to the PDPB instead of an authorization issued by the PDPB. In the latter case, please proceed to the application for authorization.
  • All the required information specified in Article 23 of the PDPA should be submitted with a notification, and the data controller should submit the paper form of the Notification Form for Personal Data Processing - First Application. Please note that this should be completed in Chinese or Portuguese, and one notification form is required for each data processing that intended to serve one single purpose or several related purposes. Please use separate forms for separate notifications should the processing involve a number of unrelated processing purposes.
  • If a simplified notification could be adopted for the notification obligation of a data processing, the data controller could submit the paper form of the Simplified Notification Form - First Application. The valid period is three years from the date when the PDPB completed the concerned registration. Please renew a notification with a Simplified Notification Form – Renewal or Update or Cancellation.
  • Confirm the details on the form are correct. If an application is submitted by a legal person or an entity with legal personality, the form should be stamped with an official seal and signed by its representative according to the signature of his ID documents. On the other hand, if the applicant is a natural person or an entity without legal personality then it is proved by the signature of the applicant or the representative of the entity according to that on his ID copy, in addition to submitting the required document copies as specified on the form.
  • A completed and signed form could be submitted to the PDPB through:

    a. in person to the Personal Data Protection Bureau (Address: Av. da Praia Grande, No. 804, Edf. China Plaza, 17.º Andar, Macao). The submission date will be regarded as the date of notification.

    b. by post (P.O Box 880, Macao; or to the Personal Data Protection Bureau, at Av. da Praia Grande, No. 804, Edf. China Plaza, 17.º Andar, Macao). The date of postmark will be regarded as the date of notification.

  • An applicant should supply further documents as soon as he or she is required by the PDPB.
  • The PDPB shall inform the applicant result by official letters. The notification will be, according to laws, registered and made accessible by the public.
  • Failure to comply with the obligations to notify may constitute administrative or criminal offence(s).

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