Welcome to the website of the Personal Data Protection Bureau (PDPB).

The PDPB is set up in accordance with Administration Regulation No. 42/2023, Organization and Operation of Personal Data Protection Bureau. Being one of the public departments of the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR), it is the public authority to implement the legal obligations set out in the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA; Law No. 8/2005). It has the legal competence to supervise and coordinate the compliance with and implementation of the laws on personal data protection. It operates under the authority of the MSAR Chief Executive.

By enacting the PDPA, we seek to warrant the personal data security for local residents and visitors, ensuring lawful cross-border transfer of data, we aspire to cultivate a social culture where personal data is respected and safeguarded.

Through this website, we hope to enrich your understanding of personal data protection, while providing diversified and practical information to you. Please do contact us at info@dspdp.gov.mo; your opinions and recommendations are valuable to the PDPB’s works.

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